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Scale Intelligent Coffee: OEM Producer & Branding Consultant. Specializes in custom coffee products, roasting, packaging, and global quality standards.

Comprehensive student support with coffee roaster expert

Every classroom and courses is conveniently equipped with barista equipment. and modern facilities Helpful for learners provide access to new appliances In actual work, there is also a warehouse of raw materials allocated for students to choose from in their studies. to help practice their expertise fully without limitation.

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Coffee & Cafe Consulting Service

Scale Intelligent Coffee Consulting


Consultants to analyze market position, opportunities for product mix (origins, blends, flavors, functional coffees, roast level). Analyze consumer buying trends and flavor preferences. Evaluate competitor performance. Assist prioritizing market opportunities and risks. Calculate costs and benefits of building versus contract roasting.


Barista Courses

Australian Special Coffee

Private class (4 days)Β 
  1. Learn the history of basic coffee process, learners can use real equipment in Specialty Coffee and taste Sensory Espresso flavors to find Sweetness, Acidity,Salty to find Brew ratio recipes.
    and fix the basic taste from the On-demand machine and practice milking
  2. Advanced flavor separation using EK43, both Espresso Blend and Single Origin.
    Solve Good Espresso TasteDose Time Yield
    Practice Latte Art with Tulip and Heart pattern
  3. Filter (V60) Extraction, flavor separation and flavor fixing
    In coffee of each country, cultivation and each process
    Latte Art Rosetta and Swan
  4. Menu and various menu reading codes, practice pouring each menu Milk froth division in each glass with speed bar training

– High End Specialty coffee equipment used in coffee shops in Australia in the classroom, ready to practice anytime –Β 


Fundamental Coffee Roasting

Understand the process of various coffees, roasted In a specialty way coffeeroasting techniques to increase Body, Sweetness or Acidity, blending techniques for coffee to give the desired taste.


Brewing Master

Understanding Dose, Yield, Ratio, Grind size and Time, understand the Immersion vs drip style, understand the translator that affects the extraction and fix the taste, how to do it V60, Aeropress and Cupping.


Advance Specialty Coffee

Shot extraction using Mazzer and EK43 grinders, sensory tasting of sour, salty and sweet in Espresso, in-depth editing of advanced Espresso flavors in Blend and Single coffees, techniques for pouring milk and Latte Art to maintain good coffee taste. Organize the work site like an Australian Head Barista.


Intermediate Latte Art Master

Delve into making Latte Art with Tulip, Rosetta, Heart and Swan patterns. Understand deeply in each pattern using different milk foams. Learn to determine the milk foam level.


Intermediate Specialty coffee

In-depth extraction Shot and Brew Ratio 1:1,1:2 and 1:3, the relationship of Dose,Yield,Time ,Sensory Tasting (See,Listen,Touch,Smell,Taste) and whipping milk for Latte Art.


Coffee Machines & Roasting Machines

Customizable Design & Specs. !

High-end GradeΒ Commercial Coffee Machines
Imported Straight from Factory!

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